Pregnancy Care in Columbia, SC

Pregnancy isn’t easy, but it’s worth it to meet the awesome baby that results. At Sandhills OB-GYN Associates, P.A., we offer pregnancy care throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery of your baby. Contact us in Columbia, SC, to schedule an appointment, or keep reading to learn more about our pregnancy treatment options.

Normal Pregnancies

Typically, a pregnancy usually requires a monthly checkup in the first two trimesters and more frequent visits after the third trimester begins. We offer preconception counseling at our office if you are not yet pregnant but would like to be, and throughout your pregnancy, we offer in-office ultrasounds, the usual 2-D, and 3D/4D which can help you see your baby clearer.

High-Risk Pregnancies

A number of different factors can determine if your pregnancy is high-risk. For example, geriatric pregnancies, or pregnancies in women who are over 35, typically have a higher propensity for pregnancy complications. Underlying medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes amongst other things can also mean your pregnancy is more likely to be high-risk.

We are well-versed in identifying the factors that contribute to risky pregnancies, and we can help you navigate the uncertain pregnancy complications. We will use the latest technological advances to ensure you and your baby are healthy, and we’ll make your and your baby’s health and safety our top priorities.

Various Deliveries

At Sandhills OB-GYN Associates, P.A., we want to help you make the best choices for your body and your baby. That’s why we offer vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery options in addition to typical vaginal and cesarean deliveries. We’ll give you all the information we can and help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Our practice delivers at the Prisma Health Baptist Hospital in Columbia, SC, and all of your check-ups will be in our office there, so when you go into labor, you won’t have to worry about finding a new location.

To learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment, call us at (803) 727-1935.